The Looky Loo

Chapter 7

I call this particular Failure Sandwich The Looky Loo because people love to pass judgment on someone else’s mistakes. It’s why traffic slows when there’s a fender bender on the shoulder of the road—everyone wants to take a long look! Don’t be that guy—The Looky Loo—the one who watches someone else fail and even enjoys it to some degree. In business, keep someone’s passion alive and help them over the hump, while maintaining your own convictions about what’s best for your company. In life, be someone’s encourager.


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Meet Bernie May.

After Dad’s death, I would learn even more details of this chapter in my father’s life from Bernie May, a family friend and missionary pilot who went to church with my parents and my mother’s parents. Bernie had a tremendous influence on me as a child and still does to this day. As a result of Bernie, his parents, and a prison ministry, my father became one of the strongest Christians I’ve ever known. Watch this video to help you get a sense of Bernie. August 2022, Bernie is 90 years old.